And as the Wind Changes Directions

Workplace Learning Today, where I’ve been focussing my blogging efforts for the last 15 months, was discontinued in June 2011. Since it’s inauguration in 2007, the team of bloggers contributed over 3,000.

In June 2010, a few months after I joined the team of bloggers at Workplace Learning Today, it was named one of the Top 50 Human Resources Blogs by Evan Carmichael and was 1st rated in the area of Talent Management. This was but one of the accolades that the blog received during its run.

And as the wind changes directions, we are sent forth on different journeys.

I will be focussing my blogging efforts on from here on, and on top of some of the posts that were cross-posted here, all of my blog posts will be available on Special thanks to Richard Nantel, Co-CEO of the Brandon Hall Group for giving me the opportunity to blog alongside him and august bloggers Tom Werner and Gary Woodill.

I wish nothing but success to the Brandon Hall Group with their new venture in with a series of blogs, which will focus on highlighting the research they are working on.

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