Experienced Manager and International Consultant
Organizational and Talent Development

  • 15+ years of experience as a strategic leader and consultant in organizational and talent development for major Canadian and international companies, more specifically in the field of civil aviation.
  • Proven expertise in the development and implementation of strategic competency development plans, significantly improving organizational performance.
  • Professionally renowned for her ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with project stakeholders, and to rally and influence them to achieve the company’s overall objectives.
  • A seasoned traveller, perfectly bilingual (French and English), quickly grasping cultural differences and issues in order to build strong and respectful business relationships.
  • Guest speaker at international conferences, writer of articles on organizational development in the aviation industry, author of a book on bloggers in the field of training and development.
  • Masters degree in Educational Technology and Graduate diploma in Integrated Aviation Management.


Strategic Orientation

  • Understanding of business issues in the civil aviation industry
  • Identification of innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • Development and implementation of strategies essential to achieving objectives
  • Active collaboration with clients, promoting the co-creation of solutions adapted to their needs
  • Advisor and influencer to management

Organizational Development

  • Organizational culture diagnosis
  • Development of strategies to support business transformation (mergers and acquisitions, market disruption, succession planning)
  • Implementation of strategies in line with a suitable change management plan (stakeholder management and communication)
  • Measurement and monitoring of the impact of change on an organization

Talent Development

  • Development of large-scale training strategies, and plans for talent and leadership development
  • Design of succession and development plans for senior management
  • Coaching of executives and HR business partners
  • Evaluation of the impact of training on the company’s strategic objectives

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