And as the Wind Changes Directions

Workplace Learning Today, where I’ve been focussing my blogging efforts for the last 15 months, was discontinued in June 2011. Since it’s inauguration in 2007, the team of bloggers contributed over 3,000.

In June 2010, a few months after I joined the team of bloggers at Workplace Learning Today, it was named one of the Top 50 Human Resources Blogs by Evan Carmichael and was 1st rated in the area of Talent Management. This was but one of the accolades that the blog received during its run.

And as the wind changes directions, we are sent forth on different journeys.

I will be focussing my blogging efforts on from here on, and on top of some of the posts that were cross-posted here, all of my blog posts will be available on Special thanks to Richard Nantel, Co-CEO of the Brandon Hall Group for giving me the opportunity to blog alongside him and august bloggers Tom Werner and Gary Woodill.

I wish nothing but success to the Brandon Hall Group with their new venture in with a series of blogs, which will focus on highlighting the research they are working on.

CSTD Quebec Chapter Book Debate: Training Professionals who Blog

(Republished from The CSTD Website)

CSTD Québec is proud to announce the launching of its book club: a new series of events where we invite a distinguished author to deliver a brief presentation of their book that discusses hot topics that have a tremendous impact on the T&D industry. We then open the floor to debate the ideas and concepts brought forward in the book.

Our first author is Kristina Schneider, a Montrealer whose first book, Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers, has been well received by the educational community since its March 2010 release. Painting a unique portrait of five bloggers who post about instructional design and training issues, Kristina tackles the key phenomena of motivation, writing style, community building and other general practices that define the blogging professional. She also provides insight on how training and development professionals can take advantage of the blogosphere and defines the edublogger. Kristina continues to write about edublogging by; you guessed it, blogging about it. You can follow her discourses

Kristina brings over ten years of professional training and development expertise to the table. Currently, she is the Director of Operations at Aviation Strategies International (ASI), a highly-regarded Montreal-based aviation management consulting and training firm. She is also pursuing her doctoral studies, focusing on knowledge transfer and professional communities of practice.

To prepare You do not need to read the book to enjoy the book debate. However, you will get more out of this session if you do.

Date and time: 19 October 2010 · 18:00 – 20:00

Location: BDC Building · 800 René-Levesque West, 2nd floor, Room 250, Montreal, QC

Register here:

Joining the Brandon Hall Workplace Learning Today Blogger Team

Brandon Hall Research has invited me to join their group of bloggers. Workplace Learning Today is a group effort by senior Brandon Hall Research analysts Janet Clarey, Richard Nantel, Tom Werner, Gary Woodill, and now yours truly, to provide readers with a daily summary of news, events, commentary, and research on all aspects of workplace learning.

My first blog post entitled Filters to Avoid Being Flooded by a Wave of Content is a first step in presenting strategies for dealing with content and information.

I look forward to contributing weekly and hopefully getting to network with a whoe new group of readers there!

What does it mean to be a blogger in the field of training and development?

My first book entitled Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers will be available as of March 1, 2010. The official Website is located at

A book? Really?

Absolutely! This is somewhat of a career dream come true for me. Though the book contains the full list of acknowledgements, two key individuals were key in helping me accomplish this project.

Firstly, I will forever be grateful for having the wonderful Associate Professor Saul Carliner, from the Department of Education at Concordia University as my thesis advisor. He guided me whenever I had a question. He allowed this thesis to be my own work, but steered me in the right the direction whenever he thought I needed it.

Secondly, my deepest gratitude goes out to Ray Taylor who has been there for me as an informal sounding board for my half-formed ideas. He challenged me to interrogate my positions and statements and was there for me until the end, providing much needed edits under tight time constraints. Much gratefulness goes out to him now for being a very patient editor and publisher! I also am very proud to be the author of the first title published by his new venture’s Acorda Press.

What does it mean to be a blogger in the field of training and development?

In this innovative research project, Kristina Schneider takes an in-depth look at five edubloggers from an insideres perspective. Using a qualitative design methodology, Schneider paints a unique portrait, pitting bloggers against their readers, and uncovers the essence of presence, credibility and professional development in the blogosphere.

The result, based on cross-case analysis that took place over a four month period, identifies the key phenomena of motivation, writing style, community building and other general practices that define the professional who also happens to be a blogger. Finally a substantial set of questions emerge about the nature of blog content and readership.

Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers by Kristina Schneider will be available as of March 1, 2010.

Visit for more information.

The Doctoral Studies Have Begun

I have recently begun my Doctoral Studies in Business Administration at the Université de Sherbrooke, focusing on knowledge transfer in organizations and professional communities of practice.

I am currently mandated as the project manager heading the implementation of the online community of practice of the Global ACI ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) for which ASI is the designated Programme Administrator.

My research on the topics of Communities of Practice which has spanned for over 5 years now let me to discover research currently being conducted at the University of Sherbrooke in the area of communities of practice and knowledge transfer. Seeing as I already have developed an expertise in training, specialising in use of technology for professional development systems, I saw an opportunity to augment my knowledge in the area of management and organizational development.

New position – Director of Operations at Aviation Strategies International

As of November 3rd 2008, I will be the new Director of Operations at Aviation Strategies International.

Aviation Strategies International‘s mission is to assist clients involved in the world aviation industry through the provision of value-added senior-level strategic advice, analysis and guidance aimed at solving the aviation-related management and operational problems faced by those clients. One of their key areas of focus is blended learning strategies with emphasis on eLearning and online communities of practice.

I’m very much looking forward to this challenge as this position will offer me the possibility to take my career to the next level. Not only will I have the opportunity to specialize myself in the field of aviation, but I also will be permitted to hone my skills, working on high calibre projects. I will be given the opportunity to innovate in the fields of educational technology and blended learning strategies.

True to form, my directors at Documedia were understanding and supportive of my decision. They are truly first class colleagues. I wish to note that I consider the 3 years I spent at Documedia as Director of Blended Learning Strategies to be a wonderful and enriching experience and I enjoyed collaborating with every member of the team. My decision to move on is purely based on the professional desire to take on a new challenge.

Diversity 08 Conference

As part of my work with the “Leverage Immigrant Talent to Strengthen Canadian Business” project for the University of Ottawa, I will be co-presenting along with Dr. Linda Manning and Dr. John Paul Hatala at the Diversity 08 Conference in Montreal Canada on June 20th 2008.

Our two conferences are entitled:

The Diversity 08 conference will address themes relating to managing cultural diversity in public sector organizations as well as the private sector.

Dr. Manning is the Director and Senior Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa, and Dr. Hatala is an Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University.