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  • KM Adoption and Engagement Strategy

    It’s pretty upfront, but sometimes we tend to ignore the basics. I’m sharing this piece by Simon Goh more a reminder of the steps we need to take for engaging individuals. It also has some interesting tips. So what’s adoption and engagement… Adoption is ingrained in an organisation when people say “We need to do […]

  • “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” Has Never Rang So True

    Radical innovation is a proposal or idea and not a product. It is user-centered and focussed on meaning. What is your innovation strategy? In his book, “Design-Driven Innovation“, author Roberto Verganti outlines a framework for mapping strategy for innovation as a radical change in meanings. Check out his thinking in the diagram below: As your […]

  • Can a Goofball be Taken Seriously?

    We all have our expressions. One of mine is goofball. It’s not too rude (mind you I’m careful about who I call a goofball), and kind of silly, and reminds me of this guy. Sometimes I use it with affection, sometimes with friendly sarcasm and sometimes when faced with adversity. I even refer to myself […]

  • The 7 Levels of Artful Facilitation

    From Be a Multi-Dimensional Facilitator: Artful facilitation requires awareness and action at all levels: physical, thinking, emotional, intuitive, energy, spiritual and synergistic. Fantastic tips on how to be an effective facilitator. Reference: Be a Multi-Dimensional Facilitator | The Center for Graphic Facilitation | Steve Davis | 19 June 2008

  • Dropping the “e” – A Sign of the Times!

    My title has recently been changed from Director of eLearning to Director, Blended Learning Strategies. Yesterday I received my new business cards and had the opportunity to hand them out for the first time today. They were well received. Actually, one of the comments was “oh, so you do more then just eLearning then?”, which […]

  • Assumptions about eLearning

    eLearning is a human performance improvement initiative that employs electronic technology. By that definition, consulting an Internet-based dictionary to find out the meaning of a word is a form of eLearning. Indeed learning is occurring, therefore improving performance by the means of an electronic technology. Though it is incidental and informal, it falls within the […]