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  • Practice Makes Perfect, or at Least Expert

    The premise of Tony Schwartz’s article is that any talent, skill or ability can be developed like a muscle, that is by working it out, by pushing past the comfort zone, breaking it and then resting. It reminds me very much like Steven Covey’s 7th habit, Sharpen the Saw. Schwartz refers to Aristotle’s “We are […]

  • Defining Moments are Born from Uncertainty

    This is a great piece by Tsun-yan Hsieh is Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company about how to let yourself be vulnerable and embrace uncertainty to acheive breakthroughs. Are You Prepared for Your Next Defining Moment? These critical moments are often characterized as “moments of truth,” but in real-time, they’re usually a moment of uncertainty, […]

  • Very Close to my Heart: Creating a Bully-free Workplace

    For those who know me well, they know the issue of bullies in the workplace is an issue very close to my heart. It is amazing how much bullies can suck the motivation out of a team and how this can have a direct impact on performance. You can hire the most competent people on […]

  • Improve Your Speeches

    I could have used these three steps to better speeches a few days ago. I’m always looking for techniques to be a better public speaker. First, step out from behind the podium and choreograph your relationship to the audience. Second, listen to your audience. Finally, focus on your emotional intentions for approximately three minutes before […]

  • The New Paradigm of Advantage

    Great take by Umair Haque on the necessary paradigm shift that companies must in order to be agents of change rather than simply agents of opportunity. Author Umair Haque writes that the 21st century demands from firms of all stripes: a paradigm shift in the nature of advantage. Here’s something you might not know. There’s […]

  • McDermott and Archibald Publish a New Study on Health and Impact of Communities of Practice

    From 2 of the leading researchers and writers on Communities of Practice comes this new study that studies the health and impact of online communities. I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on this research! Until then, here are a few blurbs from their article: Though in-house networks of experts—or “communities of practice”—were once […]

  • Better Leaders Ask Better Questions

    Nothing gets to the heart of things like discussions and nothing stimulates discussions like a great question! Leaders who excel at asking good questions have honed an ability to cut to the heart of the manner in a way that disarms the person being interviewed and opens the door for genuine conversation. Be curious. Be […]