Moving from Individual Talent to Networks and Social Capital

I couldn’t agree more with this the idea that The War for Talent is Dying. I have been building my network off and online and maintaining it online via for years now. It has been key in my success.

The War for Talent is Dying: Re-Thinking Individual Talent from a Network-Aware Perspective

The “War for Talent” is dying. Better put, the unrelenting focus on individual “Human Capital” (i.e. what’s “inside” us, such as talent, experience, etc.) is dying. We’ve awakened to Greenspan’s “worldview flaw” — a new reality of global interconnection and interdependence. And in this new reality, “Social Capital” (i.e. what’s “between” us, such as trust, respect, etc.) reigns supreme.


Our old reality focused on the individual. Our “New Normal” focuses on the ‘network’, or the collection of individuals, as well as what flows between them. Where the “War for Talent” is dying, “War for the Network” is emerging.


the time has come for all of us to not just think, but see, beyond the individual


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