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  • Extreme Productivity: Secrets of a Very Busy Man

    Justin Fox interviews Bob Pozen, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and author for HBR and HBR Blogs, who shares with us his tips and trips for being more productivity in and HBR IdeaCast. The following are the key points discussed: Focus on results, not on time spent. For a long time, and perhaps still […]

  • Stop Interrupting Employees and Let Them Work

    The main reason why people can’t get work done at work are managers and meetings. That’s Jason Fried’s take on things as he exposes it in his latest TEDx Talk. He lays out the main problems to getting work done and presents three suggestions to making work work. No Talk Thursdays: He actually suggests a […]

  • Productivity Tips

    With tips ranging from being organized, to monitoring mood and energy and even adressing getting enough sleep, Tony Schwartz writes a post-labour day blog post about ways to improve productivity. Reference: Six Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity | Harvard Business Review | Tony Schwartz | 7 September 2010 Initially published on Brandon Hall’s Workplace Learning […]

  • Strategically Implementing Microblogging in your Organization To Boost Efficiency

    In a recent blog post, Harvard Business Review’s Jeanne C Meister and Karie Willyerd advocate using microblogging to enable the members of an organization to communicate and share information with one another more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. So what exactly is microblogging? It is the practice of posting very short statements, commonly 140 […]

  • Are You Multitasking or Are You Juggling? One Can Be Productive, the Other is Not

    There is a reason why sometimes I work with my door closed. It is not to be mean, it is not to be anti social. It is because I need to think. While I’m all for spontaneous meetings when needed, people need to be more respectful of people’s work space. About a year ago, I […]

  • 7 Keys to Reading Faster

    This is actually a blog post from last November from thinksimplenow.com. The irony was that I was so overwhelmed with all the reading I had to do for school at that time that I wasn’t reading my regular favourite blogs 😉 I will be trying out this technique! Want to read faster? In this article, […]

  • Defining the Consultant 2.0

    A recent post entitled Dream to Reality: How I Quit My Day Job by Tina Su made me reflect on the evolution of my career vocation as well as life after the graduation—my thesis defence is tomorrow at noon. I have no plans to quite my day job any time soon. But I do want […]

  • Getting All Things Done Means Getting the Balance Right

    In one of her recent blog posts, Janet Clarey poses the question How hard is it for you to balance innovation and execution? She compares and contrasts taking time to think and innovate with working in “execution” mode. She explains that when returning from vacation, she was in execution mode, which was good because, according […]