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  • Stop Recognizing People for Doing their Job

    “Is she out of her mind?”,  you ask yourself. Nope! And neither is Stephen Shapiro who wrote a great bit on How To Motivate Innovators. Stop recognizing people for doing their job. When you hire someone to work for you, it should be expected that they are competent.  When you recognize people for doing what […]

  • Innovation: The Top 50 Inventions of the Past 50 Years

    Absolutely fascinating. Of course the jet airplane and in-vitro fertilization are there. But what surprised me was that GPS technology is around since 1978! And even more surprising, to find high-yield rice. You *do* learn something new every day! To select the 50 most pioneering inventions of the past 50 years, PM consulted 25 authorities […]

  • “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” Has Never Rang So True

    Radical innovation is a proposal or idea and not a product. It is user-centered and focussed on meaning. What is your innovation strategy? In his book, “Design-Driven Innovation“, author Roberto Verganti outlines a framework for mapping strategy for innovation as a radical change in meanings. Check out his thinking in the diagram below: As your […]

  • The UK Offers a Free Communities of Practice Platform for Local Governement Collaboration and Innovation

    Communities of practice for local government is a website that supports collaboration across local government and the public sector in the United Kingdom. From the About section of the site: This is a freely accessible resource that enables like-minded people to form online communities of practice, which are supported by collaboration tools that encourage knowledge […]

  • Personal Knowledge Management: Cognitive Processing of Info for Innovation

    While I have focused most of my research on Communities of Practice and Collective Expertise, I see a necessary co-existence of both these principles in order to ensure the most optimal results in advancing knowledge and practice. We can seek out (aggregate) all the sources of information on any subject and share them with the […]

  • Getting All Things Done Means Getting the Balance Right

    In one of her recent blog posts, Janet Clarey poses the question How hard is it for you to balance innovation and execution? She compares and contrasts taking time to think and innovate with working in “execution” mode. She explains that when returning from vacation, she was in execution mode, which was good because, according […]