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  • Apples and Oranges: How Tablets are Affecting E-Learning

    For over 10 years,  I have been working with teams that develop interactive e-learning modules using Flash technology, and I am far from being the only one. Recently, our clients have increasingly been acquiring tablets, and the majority of them have opted for the iPad. Of course, the common question that pops up is: “Why […]

  • A Reflection on Eight Years of Moodling

    I’ve been more engaged in corporate e-learning as of late and away from the academic side of e-Learning. But recently I have been exploring options for blended learning activities, more specifically a hybrid mix of instructor-led online programs. It got me going back to one of my previous areas of expertise: Moodle. I logged into […]

  • E-Learning Study Shows Rippling Impact of Professional Development

    ScienceDaily reports on Boston College researchers who engaged in large-scale randomized experiments with the purpose of studying the impact of online professional development for teachers who aimed at improving their instructional practices as well as their subject matter knowledge. In the e-Learning for Educators: Effects of Online Professional Development on Teachers and their Students study, […]

  • Taking Into Account User Experience In Your E-learning Design

    Two months ago, Tom Kuhlmann wrote a piece on the importance of thoroughly reviewing your e-learning courses before launching them. One of his key tips was to watch learners go through the course in order to understand how they experience it. Web and multimedia designers call this user experience design testing. ZURB, a team of […]

  • From the Innovative Mind of Janey Clarey: Instructional Design by Example Blog

    Janet Clarey is one of my favorite bloggers on the topic of training and developement. It is no surprise that she has kicked off this absolutely fabulous idea of blogging about real life instructional design examples. I wish her the best of luck possible and am thinking up an example to contribute in the very […]

  • Putting the Learner in the Driver’s Seat

    Ever notice that a long trip is seems shorter when you’re the one driving? When I’m a passenger and I don’t have anything to distract me, I feel like a trip can go on forever. But when I’m behind the wheel, my mind is constantly engaged, thinking, processing and deciding. I actually prefer driving a […]

  • The Capacity to Recall vs. the Capacity to be Resourceful

    In a post entitled Brain 2.0 : eLearning Technology, Tony Karrer discusses whether or not it is more important to be knowledge-able rather than knowledgeable. The basic premise is whether or not is more important to: store a bunch of information in our minds that we can recall at any time (recall), or know which […]

  • “Le eLearning, je l’adopte 3!” Conference

    Hold the date! On June 6th 2008, the third edition of the “Le eLearning, je l’adopte” conference will be held in Montreal. The focus of this conference is the sharing of effective, performance drivent case studies of eLearning implemented in organizations. Follow the Alliance eLearning bulletin (in French only) for updates on this major event.

  • Designing eLearning Environments for Learning Organizations

    My presentation at ISPI-Montreal’s 2006 Conference discussed A Systemic Approach to Designing Fluid eLearning Environments for Learning Organisations. Presentation Summary In a learning organization, a shared vision is built by linking individual and organizational performance objectives. The design of this organization’s eLearning environment must reflect this vision, empowering individuals, cultivating communities of practice and encouraging […]

  • Organizational Learning Strategy and eLearning

    Situating the Current Popular eLearning Offering When one decides to venture into the world of eLearning, he or she will quickly come across the following terms: Learning object: a pre-defined parcel of learning that elaborates on a subject or a notion. It is usually developed with rich multimedia. Learning Content Management System (LCMS): a system […]