Strategies for Making Content Accessible for Learners

Yesterday, I blogged about making content accessible to learners so that they might access it when they are ready to learn. Now the question is: how do we make this content accessible?

Ross Dawson has a few ideas. But they aren’t new ideas. He’s actually pulled them from his Living Networks book which he wrote 8 years ago to show how applicable they are today.

Positioning For Content Distribution
1. Build evolutionary business models
2. Define and refine strategies for standards and interfaces
3. Develop and implement aggregation strategies
4. Enable versatile syndication models
5. Rework your product versioning

His first two points address concerns about ever evolving technology interfaces to view content as well as the quickly changing landscapes of technology. His third and fourth points focus on the way content is gathered and distributed. His fifth point builds an argument for keeping content fresh and up-to-date.


Initially published on Brandon Hall’s Workplace Learning Today

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