Month: December 2010

  • Do Your Users Understand Your Content?

    Not only is this blog post by Angela Colter a great reflection piece on the difference between liking content and understanding it, it also is chock full of tools to help you analyse your content and better it. In addition, the pros and cons of these tools are outlined. Though primarily targeted at Websites, this […]

  • Dare To Be Unrealistic

    Jacob Sokol asked the following question to 48 online experts: What is the most “unrealistic” thing that you’ve ever accomplished and what did you learn from the process? I highly recommend reading through the whole post but here are a few of the most inspiring highlights for me: When you choose the “unrealistic” choice every […]

  • Stop Interrupting Employees and Let Them Work

    The main reason why people can’t get work done at work are managers and meetings. That’s Jason Fried’s take on things as he exposes it in his latest TEDx Talk. He lays out the main problems to getting work done and presents three suggestions to making work work. No Talk Thursdays: He actually suggests a […]

  • Stop Recognizing People for Doing their Job

    “Is she out of her mind?”,  you ask yourself. Nope! And neither is Stephen Shapiro who wrote a great bit on How To Motivate Innovators. Stop recognizing people for doing their job. When you hire someone to work for you, it should be expected that they are competent.  When you recognize people for doing what […]

  • Tips to Stop Sucking at PowerPoint

    The title is bold and direct, I know. I like it actually, because when a PowerPoint presentation sucks, it really, really sucks. So sometimes, we just have to call it what it is. YOU SUCK AT POWERPOINT! The bottom line is that we cannot escape PowerPoint in today’s business and/or academic world. And as Jessee […]