Hold the date! On June 6th 2008, the third edition of the “Le eLearning, je l’adopte” conference will be held in Montreal. The focus of this conference is the sharing of effective, performance drivent case studies of eLearning implemented in organizations.

Follow the Alliance eLearning bulletin (in French only) for updates on this […]

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My presentation at ISPI-Montreal’s 2006 Conference discussed A Systemic Approach to Designing Fluid eLearning Environments for Learning Organisations.

Presentation Summary

In a learning organization, a shared vision is built by linking individual and organizational performance objectives. The design of this organization’s eLearning environment must reflect this vision, empowering individuals, cultivating communities of practice and encouraging […]

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Situating the Current Popular eLearning Offering

When one decides to venture into the world of eLearning, he or she will quickly come across the following terms:

Learning object: a pre-defined parcel of learning that elaborates on a subject or a notion. It is usually developed with rich multimedia. Learning Content Management System (LCMS): a system […]

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Assumptions about eLearning

On 13 December 2005 By

eLearning is a human performance improvement initiative that employs electronic technology. By that definition, consulting an Internet-based dictionary to find out the meaning of a word is a form of eLearning. Indeed learning is occurring, therefore improving performance by the means of an electronic technology. Though it is incidental and informal, it falls within the […]

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I presented on the subject of Rethinking Multimedia Instructional Material Design for an Equitable and Critical Pedagogy at two conferences this spring:

In Touch with Technology conference presented by the Association of Media and Technology for Education in Canada (AMTEC), Laurentian University Pioneers in a New Age conference presented by the […]

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