Content Creation in an Age of Excess

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Small businesses take note: It’s no longer about your products and services. It’s about giving your customers what they want and need–and not old-fashioned marketing.

Kristina Schneider‘s insight:

Trust is built with a client when they are confident of your expertise. For consultants, a great deal of the work is educating your client in order to gain that confidence and trust. Becoming their "go to" person on your area of expertise is one of the key ways. Good marketers have always known this and social media makes it much more accessible. 

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One Thing Employees Need (But Rarely Get)

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If you want to be considered a great employer–and you certainly should–providing your employees with higher pay, better benefits, extensive training, and greater opportunities are definite factors.

The problem is you might not have the resources to do all that.

That’s okay. You can still be a great employer, because one thing you can give your employees is more important.


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