For the Love of Meetings

According to Ron Ashkenas, most managers actually like meetings, and he enumerates the reasons in a recent blog post entitled Why We Secretly Love Meetings.

His key arguments are that:

  • They encourage social interaction
  • They keep everyone in the loop
  • They often represent status

He also remarks that though we all know the rules of conducting a good meeting such as being upfront and clear about objectives, making sure the right people are attending, having an agenda in advance and so on, we often fail at respecting these rules.


Initially published on Brandon Hall’s Workplace Learning Today

Learning Management Skills

One of the areas where I’ve often seen people struggle is when they move from being technical experts to managing a project team. The following article which addresses moving from technical expertize to management expertize is one of a series of phenomenal articles which can be found at

Any management promotion can be a challenge, but it’s especially hard on people with strong technical skills, but who have little or no management experience. In this article, we’ll explore how to make the transition, and what you can do to excel in your new role. We’ll also include links to several other resources that can help you strengthen the skills you need for success.