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  • Getting Ideas Off the Ground

    In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about how one must work at becoming successful, presenting Doug Belshaw’s reflections. Rosabeth Moss Kanter made a post along the same lines that presents five powers that successfully get ideas of the ground, which are: Showing up: the importance of being there in person. Speaking up: the framing the […]

  • How to Avoid Presentation Overload

    I’m a huge fan of clean, streamlined presentations with just a few key points. Not yet an expert myself, I have made huge efforts in reducing the amount of content in my presentations, as well as on my support slides. So how exactly does one go about fighting the urge to overload their audience with […]

  • Distinguishing a Community of Practice from a Team or a Network

    Lilia Efimova’s diagram clearly illustrates how a Community of practice distinguishes itself from a work team in that it goes beyond the structured boundaries of the team to seek out others with a common class of problems. That said, it is still semi-structured in that it is not driven by a common pursuit of solutions. […]