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  • Practice Makes Perfect, or at Least Expert

    The premise of Tony Schwartz’s article is that any talent, skill or ability can be developed like a muscle, that is by working it out, by pushing past the comfort zone, breaking it and then resting. It reminds me very much like Steven Covey’s 7th habit, Sharpen the Saw. Schwartz refers to Aristotle’s “We are […]

  • The Doctoral Studies Have Begun

    I have recently begun my Doctoral Studies in Business Administration at the Université de Sherbrooke, focusing on knowledge transfer in organizations and professional communities of practice. I am currently mandated as the project manager heading the implementation of the online community of practice of the Global ACI ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) for […]

  • New position – Director of Operations at Aviation Strategies International

    As of November 3rd 2008, I will be the new Director of Operations at Aviation Strategies International. Aviation Strategies International‘s mission is to assist clients involved in the world aviation industry through the provision of value-added senior-level strategic advice, analysis and guidance aimed at solving the aviation-related management and operational problems faced by those clients. […]

  • ePortfolio: Uncovering the Talent in your Organization

    I went to beautiful Banff, Alberta to deliver a presentation on ePortfolios at the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) conference’s conversation café. Presentation Summary An ePortfolio is an online record of formal and nonformal learning experiences and accomplishments which goes beyond the traditional résumé form. The objective of my presentation is to look […]