is the blog / e-portfolio of Kristina Schneider,  Organizational Learning and Performance Technologist, Author and Blogger.

The blog focuses on professional development strategies for individuals and organizations. It features critical commentaries in the areas of communities and collaborationorganizational learningworkplace performanceprofessional networkingknowledge managementdesign, e-learninginnovationpersonal performance and research into practice.

As an e-portfolio, this space features Kristina Schneider’s Curriculum Vitae in addition to her newsreflectionspresentations and articles in the performance and educational technology field as well as information about her book, Edublogging: a qualitative study of training and development bloggers.

What is a technogenii?

Entry: technogenii
Pronunciation: ‘tek-n&-’jE-nE-”I
Etymology: techno + genii

technology: Greek, tekhnologia : systemic and systematic treatment of processes, methods, instruments and tools in all areas of arts and sciences
genie: Arabic , jinnIy: a divinity influencing the destiny of an individual or a collectivity
genius: Latin, genuis: aptitude, natural disposition and remarkable