Dare To Be Unrealistic

On 15 December 2010 By

Jacob Sokol asked the following question to 48 online experts:

What is the most “unrealistic” thing that you’ve ever accomplished and what did you learn from the process?

I highly recommend reading through the whole post but here are a few of the most inspiring highlights for me:

When you choose the “unrealistic” choice every […]

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Reading Breeds Success

On 26 November 2010 By

“I wish I had more time to read.”

Do you find yourself saying the above? I definitely do. It seems that when I make the time to pick up an article, a book, anything, I become engrossed in it and can’t put it down. Though conversations and interactions have the power of being enlightened, nothing […]

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Getting Ideas Off the Ground

On 24 September 2010 By

In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about how one must work at becoming successful, presenting Doug Belshaw’s reflections. Rosabeth Moss Kanter made a post along the same lines that presents five powers that successfully get ideas of the ground, which are:

Showing up: the importance of being there in person. Speaking […]

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Helpful article by Gina Trapani presenting techniques of how to stay organized when travelling for work. She calls on David Allen, author of Getting Things Done with whom she co-created a clever little Popplet* with some easy tips to implement.

*Note that since this blog post was made, the Popplet […]

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Productivity Tips

On 8 September 2010 By

With tips ranging from being organized, to monitoring mood and energy and even adressing getting enough sleep, Tony Schwartz writes a post-labour day blog post about ways to improve productivity.


Six Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity | Harvard Business Review | Tony Schwartz | 7 September 2010

Initially published […]

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The premise of Tony Schwartz’s article is that any talent, skill or ability can be developed like a muscle, that is by working it out, by pushing past the comfort zone, breaking it and then resting. It reminds me very much like Steven Covey’s 7th habit, Sharpen the Saw.

Schwartz refers to Aristotle’s […]

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Jeff Cobb recommends 20 social networks for lifelong learners. He states that:

When most people think of social networks, they think of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or similar sites, but there are many other types of social networks popping up on the web. Some of the fastest growing networks are designed specifically for education. […]

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